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Love for the Peace Corps
University of Rochester alumnus in the Peace Corps in ThailandPEACE CORPS: Jim Martin ’65 in Thailand

Regarding “The Toughest Job They Ever Loved” (Summer 2021).

Yup. In 1965, I joined the Peace Corps to avoid The War. 被派往泰国东北部共产主义叛乱的“热点地区”. 我曾在泰国政府/82空降/特种部队反叛乱项目担任翻译. In the accompanying photo, the Jeep was a Ford M151 from which, in a subsequent thrilling adventure, I was launched 100 feet into a rice paddy. 路边的目击者说,我的飞行就像007·詹姆斯·邦德驾驶着他的雷球喷气背包,但旋转时突然失去了控制. Underneath the Thai flag in the photo is my US Army ID. 我的名字在河内广播电台(最近的大城市)作为间谍播报. Move along, Frodo.

Jim Martin ’65
Rochester, New York

请不要忘记你在伊士曼音乐学院的兄弟姐妹,他们也曾在和平队服役. 我在第四组(1964-66),在塞拉利昂的Maburaka女子中学担任音乐老师, 哪一个合唱团没有指挥,只是在等待合适的志愿者. And my one-time locker-mate, Peter Salaff ’63E, the renowned violinist of the Cleveland Quartet, delayed what would be a celebrated career to volunteer in Chile.

我从非洲少女和她们的学习意愿中找到了如此多的快乐和灵感. They showed tremendous generosity of spirit, 他们来到这所学校,除了自己以外一无所有,并且渴望提高英语水平, complete high school, and perhaps go on to higher education.


我在和平队的经历绝对是我人生中最美好的经历之一. 这让我明白了什么才是真正重要的——生活在一个真正的民主国家意味着什么,以及摆脱美国式的物质主义生活意味着什么. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a teacher when I left Eastman, but by the time my tour was up in Sierra Leone, I was sure of it.

Leigh Hamilton ’64E
Winooski, Vermont

关于和平队的故事是许多R大学毕业生在和平队服役的美好回忆. 我只希望这篇文章能在前言中提到和平队早期成员中1968年毕业的桑德拉·李·塔普林·史密斯.

桑迪和她的丈夫弗雷德·史密斯1967年毕业后加入了和平队. 训练结束后,他们被分配到玻利维亚的埃尔奥托,那里距离拉巴斯市约13000英尺. Tragically, 她在帮助修建一所学校、指导卫生和其他项目时去世.

据报道,她在高海拔地区的工作导致了致命的脑损伤. Sandy’s story is told in a virtual memorial to those who have died in service as Peace Corps Volunteers.

I had dated Sandy during my last two years at Rochester (1965–66). 作为一名NROTC的学生,我被任命为海军陆战队,并最终在越南服役.


Sandy too needs to be remembered.

Andres Vaart ’66
Reston, Virginia

Thank you for acknowledging the Peace Corps’ 60th anniversary. The quote from the former volunteer Dillon Banerjee, regarding the diplomatic effectiveness of the Peace Corps, 被危地马拉国家主任的一句俏皮话抓住了,他让亚盈体育宣誓就职.


Great friends, foreign and domestic, were made during my service.

Curtis DeGasperi ’83
Seattle, Washington

The writer was Peace Corps volunteer from 1988 to 1990.

I have always appreciated the articles in Rochester Review,包括题为“他们爱过的最艰难的工作”的文章.”

不幸的是,我认为这可能是对种族偏见的无心之失. In several of the pictures, the U of R Peace Corps volunteer was identified, but it was never pointed out which individual was the volunteer. Rather than put in parentheses (far right), 亚盈体育只能假设那个白人就是R大学的志愿者.

I am sure no slight was intended, 但我认为重要的是要采取额外的预防措施,以免造成无意或无意识的偏见.

Scott Wimer ’76
Santa Monica, California

Inspiration of Stan Hattman

在最新一期的斯坦·哈特曼去世的消息(《那些亚盈体育失去的人》,” Summer 2021). While the obituary spoke at length of Stan’s scientific career, 这与他对亚盈体育本科生的影响并不相符.

斯坦经常出现在R大学的学生活动中. For many years, 该大学的目录和小册子出版物使用了一张斯坦和学生在篮球场上聊天的照片. 我特别记得那张照片,因为它是他与大学本科生互动的象征.

我特别记得,他是SUBS(本科生生物学学生协会)组织的坚定倡导者,并参加了许多研讨会, happy hours, and other events that we organized.

On a more personal note, Stan was my very first research mentor, 1987年的夏天和大四我都在他的实验室里工作, studying gene expression in bacteriophage Mu.

At the time, 我真的不是一个很好的实验科学家——即使以本科生的标准来衡量——但他显然在我身上看到了我没有的潜力. 他鼓励我申请那些我从未想过自己能够进入的著名博士项目,并指导我完成整个录取过程.

He lightheartedly encouraged me to go to MIT, his alma mater. In the end, even though I had been accepted at MIT, I chose to attend Princeton, but Stan was still unreservedly supportive of my decision.

几年后,当我访问R大学校园时,我突然探进斯坦的办公室. Even though I had not kept in touch, 他立刻认出了我,真诚地热情地见到了我.


Gregory Hecht ’88
Mullica Hill, New Jersey


A Capitol Affair

伊士曼的校友们接受了挑战,确认参加华盛顿巡回演出的伊士曼爱乐乐团成员的身份, DC, in 1961 (“Capitol Concert,” Class Notes, Summer 2021). While in DC, members of the orchestra, led by then director Howard Hanson, 与亚盈体育下载的华盛顿代表团成员合影留念.

Linda Snedden-Smith ’63E, who along with her husband, Bruce Smith ’62, is a retired member of the Detroit Symphony, 有人写信说,这张照片只包括乐团81名成员中的34人. “I remember many of the Philharmonia members there,” she wrote. She spotted the late Hyacinth Tlucek ’64E, Marie Koscak Pooler ’63E, Dick Kilmer ’62E, ’64E (MM), Margaret Harnish ’63E, ’64E (MM), the late Byron Hanson ’63E, ’65E (MM), Larry Campbell ’62E, the late Norm Schweikert ’61E, Janice Musgrove ’63E.

Laurence Gibson ’63E, ’64E (MM) wrote to say he didn’t make the trip, but he put names to faces for many of his classmates who did:

“Top row from left: John Landis ’62E, John Hamilton ’61E, ’63E (MM), Byron Hanson ’63E, ’65E (MM), David Cowley ’63E, Carter Enyeart ’64E, Monte Hoffman ’64E. Skip over the next three, then Richard Kilmer ’61E, ’64E (MM). Second from right is staffer Bob Sattler.


“Bottom row, second from left is Mary Greer ’61E, ’63E (MM), fourth is Sandra Flesher ’60E, ’66E (MM), and far right is Hyacinth Tlucek ’64E.”

“Keep the print coming,” Laurence writes.

Which Hall of Fame?

In a short biography of Jeremy Glick ’93, one of the Rochester alumni who died in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, we should have made clear that Glick was inducted into a Jewish Sports Hall of Fame亚盈体育下载市区的犹太社区管理. The hall is not maintained by the University.

—Scott Hauser

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